ND shows. The definitive list.

I’ve seen this band more times than any person who is not a member of their immediate inner circle (e.g. a roadie, family member, or significant other). Words cannot explain the depth of love… it’s not a “favorite band” kind of thing, it has to do with a friendship dating back to 1992. Collectively, they’re the single most influential thing of my life: it’s hard to explain how much this has colored my persona and influenced everything in the years since.

So here it is: my No Doubt show history. With notes and details. The numbers show 72 shows, but I could swear I was over 75, so I may have missed a few inbetween 2001-2005.

The most surreal, awesome, and eternally unforgettable “I can’t believe I was there for that” one: the ND/Sublime living room jam at Tony’s surprise birthday party (#10). Followed closely by gorilla’ing onstage with them (#60).

Other best ones: #1 (indescribable feeling where you feel like you found something that was made especially for you); #2 (met them); #5 and #6 (best shows + Angelo Moore guest appearance); #26 (Eric brought me onstage to sing his “secret” R-rated lyrics that only I knew); and #72 (emotionally walloped).

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Countries and states I’ve been to

Countries and US states I’ve been to.


  • Canada and Mexico, of course
  • Spain and Portugal (1994)
  • Peru (12/85, 12/01, 12/03, 3/09)

Countries I haven’t visited but most want to: Iceland, China, Greece


Those in green are ones I’ve been to; the ones in red, I haven’t.

* Alabama * Alaska * Arizona * Arkansas * California * Colorado * Connecticut * Delaware * Florida * Georgia * Hawaii * Idaho * Illinois * Indiana * Iowa * Kansas * Kentucky * Louisiana * Maine * MarylandMassachusetts * Michigan * Minnesota * Mississippi * Missouri * Montana * Nebraska * Nevada * New Hampshire * New Jersey * New Mexico * New York * North Carolina * North Dakota * Ohio * Oklahoma * Oregon * Pennsylvania * Rhode Island * South Carolina * South Dakota * Tennessee * Texas * Utah * Vermont * Virginia * Washington * West Virginia * Wisconsin * Wyoming *

Things that are always funny

A list that I began in 2005 or 2006. Because there are certain things that are ALWAYS funny, regardless of context.

Things that are always funny:

  • Farts.
  • Little People. (I know I’m going to get in trouble for this one.)
  • When someone trips and falls.
  • Flamboyantly gay males.
  • Tiny dogs.
  • Anything said with an East Indian accent.
  • (list to be continued…)

I love it when…

An incomplete and ever-growing list that I began in 2005.

I love it when:

  • there are 2 or more oyster crackers stuck together.
  • The song ends right as you finish parking.
  • A plan comes together.
  • We’re the only two people who noticed that.
  • There’s that little crunchy bit left on the stick after you eat the corn dog.
  • Something arrives in the mail.
  • You talk dirty.
  • Someone else trips.
  • The dog gets in the front seat and pretends like he’s driving.
  • I hear from someone I haven’t heard from in forever.
  • Someone starts a sentence with “Fact:”
  • I turn the pillow over and get the cold side.
  • The restaurant has mac & cheese.
  • I arrive at the Gold Coast.
  • You come back from the bathroom and your food has been served.
  • I open the shampoo and it smells like apples.
  • Interesting people come together and something great results.
  • Someone inspires me and they don’t even know it.
  • The character in the movie yells “Guards! Seize them!”
  • I drive through a big-ass puddle.
  • People throw their hands in the ay-yair and wave ’em like they just don’t care.
  • Hilarity ensues.
  • Someone offers me free food.
  • I dream about flying.
  • Someone at the club is overtaken by an uncontrollable urge to start doing “the robot”.
  • “Multiball” happens.
  • Something stays crunchy, even in milk.
  • My doggie pees on his own foot.
  • Anything talks in Peter Lorre voice.
  • The guy driving the really sweet classic/vintage car is the original owner.
  • There’s a piece of fruit that looks like a butt.
  • We do it first thing in the morning.
  • We have to reconstruct last night over the phone.
  • Strangers have really weird conversations outside the bar right after it closes.
  • My coworker says “effing” and “fucking” in the same sentence.
  • The theater lets you pump your own popcorn butter.
  • Really bad and obvious stock footage is spliced in.
  • (list to be continued…)

Life list

Things to do before I kick the bucket. And when they made the list.

  • go to China (Guilin, specifically). (Since I saw the Disney Circlevision China movie in 1985)

    Guilin scenery

    Guilin scenery

  • See a solar eclipse. (Since 1979)
  • Meet Huell Howser. (Since 1996)

    Thats what I said, Huell.

    That's what I said, Huell.

  • Go skydiving. (Since 1990ish)
  • See (but not climb) Mount Everest. (Since 1995)