Dumbest conversation of 2003

This weekend, I had the pleasure of running into a guy who was responsible for the Singlemost Stupidest Conversation I’ve had in all of 2003. In fact, it is probably the dumbest conversation I’ve had in the entire new millennium, without any others even coming close. So I shall now share it with all of you, so that you can see that there are indeed people out there who defy the odds against their own survival. I shall refer to him as “Keanu” because he not only looks like Keanu Reeves, but also talks like him, and seems to channel him very well. The conversation, if it could even be called that, went like this: Keanu: So where did you grow up? Mig: San Diego. Keanu: (incredulously, as if some major connection had been made) REALLY?!? (pause)… I dated a girl from San Diego once. end of conversation. What’s great is that my friend Ryan, also from San Diego, has had the exact same conversation with this fellow.

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