Pageant: behind the scenes

I am in Vegas for the annual pageant. I’ve been on the production staff for six(?) years.

What exactly do I do? A little bit of everything. I can’t even really say all of what I do, because some of it is confidential. (Really– I’m not being dramatic.) But what I can say is that I take care of a lot of little things that are critical for success, and that I’m listed in the program as “key production assistance.”

I’m here a week early, and after 24 hours in town some of what I’ve done is:

  • talked down a key performer who was about to quit
  • helped author a key letter that will be read by hundreds
  • wrote obituaries for Bettie Page and some other legends who have died in the past year
  • worked on program layout and design, and fixed some graphics
  • rushed program to the printer to get first proof before an already-late deadline
  • found a crapload of volunteers and stagehands to fill positions
  • made some key updates to the online event invitation
  • kept at least three people from killing each other

Being awesome is kind of a full-time job at this thing. But I love this crazy event SO MUCH and couldn’t ever not be a part of it…

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