The Man himself.

Today is Tom’s birthday. No, NOT the guy who is everybody’s friend on Myspace. I’m talking about Jefferson. He is 262 fingers old. If you know me, then you know that I’m an avid Jeffersonian and that today is on the calendar for me every year. Yes, he was not perfect (re: Sally Hemmings/paternity issues.) But he was a hell of a guy nevertheless. A little recap of some of his accomplishments: –wrote Declaration of Independence at age 33 –arranged the Louisiana Purchase –arranged Lewis/Clark expedition to survey natural resources of the L.P. –vice-president and president of U.S. –architect –classical musician –inventor –his personal library was the beginnings of the Library of Congress –founded the University of Virginia –trade commissioner in France –superb naturalist and botanist –Secretary of State under Washington –author of an amazing document on religious freedom –badass gardener –governor of Virginia –decided that our system of money should be based on the decimal system (yep, that was him) So when we all sit around and complain about some of the ordinary pedestrian b.s. that annoys us, look at old Tom, think about how much potential each person has, and ask yourself: What Would Jefferson Do?

p.s. go read him.

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