This must be the introduction to the opposites.

This morning, the local homeless guy ambushed me and my trusty pal Joyce as we walked by. (I gave him money once… and he’s never left me alone since. Even after I told him “I got laid off. I’m probably not the best person to ask.”)

Anyway, he ambushed me, and said something that I didn’t think I had heard correctly. “Do you need any change? Like for a cup of coffee?”  I thought he was asking for change, but he very clearly said “Do you need any.” I said “no thanks” and walked on.

As I walked away, he shouted:  “okay, because I wanted to help you out sometime.”

Yes– I got offered money by a homeless guy who “wanted to help me out.”

The REALLY weird part, though, was this: about a minute earlier, I had asked Joyce if she could cover the cost of my coffee because I had no cash on me.

Who knew that a prescient homeless man was walking the streets of Alameda? I wonder what other sort of divine omniscience he may possess.

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